Bookkeeping is the task of recording all the business transactions amounts, dates and sources of all business revenue, gain, expense and loss transactions. Keeping detailed financial records is the foundation on which a solid business must be built on. 

Bookkeeping Services saves you time-effective time management is one of the biggest keys f or any business. Time is a non-renewable resource and should be used wisely.

Bookkeeping Services help you save money-Avoid the cost of training and paying an employee to do the job.  Hiring a dedicated company who is quick and efficient allows you to pay an hourly or fixed rate rather than an employee salary with benefits.

Bookkeeping Services Help Prevent Costly Mistakes-The combination of inexperience
and distaste for this tedious task is a recipe for costly mistakes.  Save yourself the trouble and hire professional bookkeepers. 

Reduce Year-End Issues- Our bookkeepers work every day of the week to ensure there is no  delay in presentation or submission of reports.  There will never be a last minute rush to meet deadlines or for tax season.

If you’re in need of full-charge bookkeeping services or simply need help organizing your finances, we’re the firm you’re looking for. At iTRANU, we specialize in traditional and virtual bookkeeping services for startups, small business, sole proprietors, and individuals. We are insured and bonded. 

Our services include: 

         Accounts Payable

         Accounts Receivable




         Customized Quickbooks Training

         Financial Reporting

         Financial Statements for Investors

         Organizing Records



         Tax-Related Preparation



We will organize your financials daily, weekly, quarterly—whatever makes sense for your business. We design an approach that meets your needs. We work with you on-site, in our offices, or remotely. Whatever your needs, we will apply our expertise to your specific situation.